McWe Wine Tour

McCaine Wine Education (McWe) also provides winery connoisseur tour as well as winery harvesting tour at the most important wine producing countries and regions, such as Bordeaux in France and Piemonte, Veneto and Tuscany in Italy.


Our aim is to strengthen wine lovers and students with the necessary practical exposure at overseas wineries and vineyards, experiencing the whole grape growing and wine making processes processes in real life, enhancing their understanding when tasting a particular style of wines. We only select top Chateaux and wineries representing one of the most reputational position in their regions.


All our wine tours will only be guided by our experienced and qualified wine educators throughout the trip, as well as corresponding wine makers or owners when visiting particular Chateau or wineries, where they will guide you to their wine production facilities, vineryards (participating in harvesting grapes for fermentation if it is at the harvesting time in end of September). You will also be able to taste their range of wines up to super premium level, interacting with their wine experts.

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