Red Wine Tasting Experience



Embark on a sensory journey through the realm of red wines. Explore the nuances of well-known grape varieties from around the world and discover the hidden treasures within each glass. This immersive experience goes beyond mere sips, delving into a world of rich history, diverse grape varieties, and intricate production methods that transport you to different regions worldwide with every sip.


Savor a selection of six exquisite wines thoughtfully curated by our expert tutors, featuring Bordeaux's captivating Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Petit Verdot; Burgundy's elegant Pinot Noir; Italy's Barolo and Chianti; Spain's Rioja, along with new discoveries and the freedom and diversity of red wines from the New World. Uncover the artistry behind red wine production as our expert tutor reveals the nuances of climate, soil, and techniques that shape each bottle.


In the Red Wine Tasting, discover which reds are most delightful when enjoyed young, with vibrant flavors dancing on your palate. Delight in the complexity of aged wines that have matured gracefully over time, providing an unforgettable tasting experience.


Broaden your understanding and amaze your friends with newfound expertise in identifying characteristics like aroma, body, and finish. Gain practical tips on pairing them seamlessly with your favorite dishes or choosing wines to savor on their own.


Whether you're a seasoned wine enthusiast or a curious beginner, The Red Wine Tasting is your gateway to becoming a true connoisseur. Unleash your inner wine aficionado today and accompany us on this remarkable journey of taste and discovery. Here's to discovering your new favorites!


Who is this course for?

If you're eager to expand your understanding of the various styles of red wines available today and uncover the reasons behind your preferences, then this course is tailored for you.


Can I come alone?

Our bookings typically include a blend of individual and group reservations, and we ensure that everyone is seated with a companion. The atmosphere in our courses is warm, informal, and welcoming, making you feel at ease in no time.

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Venue: Wanchai

Room 1606, The Broadway, 54-62 Lockhart Road, Wanchai

Total duration: 1.5 hours


Tuition Fee: HK$1,380


Enquiry: 2915 9310