Can I study WSET level 2 course without studying level 1?

Yes, you can. WSET allows students to study level 2 without having studied level 1 and passed the exam. But we suggest you start with level 1 first unless you have some prior wine exposure and attended some short wine courses or workshops before

What is the difference between McWe foundation – wine appreciation course and WSET level 1

McWe foundation wine appreciation does not include an examination, thus it is a non-certification course. Whereas WSET level 1 has exam at the end and upon passing the exam, you will be issued a certificate from WSET in UK. Both courses target for wine beginner and offer similar level of wine knowledge and tasting skills.

What is the class size in your wine course?

We are specializing in small-group tuition and we limit our class size to 8-10, to enhance the interaction between students and our tutor.

What is the qualification of your tutors?

They are all experienced and qualified in the wine industry. They were all completed the educator program and certification from WSET. For details of our tutors, please visit our website on


What is the Typhoon and Black Rainstorm Warning Signals Arrangement for McWe Classes?

Classes that have not yet started:

If Typhoon Signal No. 8 (or above) or the Black Rainstorm Warning Signal are in force after the following times, classes and exams will cancelled as indicated below:

7.00am: Classes that start before 2.00pm.

11.00am: Afternoon classes that start between 2.00pm & 6.00 pm.

4.00pm: Evening classes that start from 6.00 pm and onwards

For classes that have already started:

When Typhoon Signal No.8 or above is hoisted: Immediately suspend

When Black Rainstorm Signal is announced: Continue

When Typhoon Signal No.3 is hoisted or Red Rainstorm Signal is announced: Continue

Under all other signals and circumstances, classes will proceed as scheduled.