Champagne and Sparkling Masterclass



Explore the world of effervescence as we guide you, demonstrating that various moods, foods, and occasions pair well with different styles—surprisingly, Champagne isn't always the top choice. We'll share insider tips to assist you in selecting the perfect fizz for special events like weddings and advise you on where to invest your money for optimal value at any price point during this Champagne tasting.


We'll explore all the major styles of Champagne and Sparkling Wine worldwide, examining their production methods.


Who is this course for?

It is ideal for anyone seeking a comprehensive understanding of diverse Champagne and Sparkling Wine styles globally. If you have a passion for bubbles and desire a more profound insight, this course is tailored for you!


Can I come alone?

Our bookings typically include a blend of individual and group reservations, and we ensure that everyone is seated with a companion. The atmosphere in our courses is warm, informal, and welcoming, making you feel at ease in no time.

Upcoming Schedule

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Venue: Wanchai

Room 1606, The Broadway, 54-62 Lockhart Road, Wanchai

Total duration: 1.5 hours


Tuition Fee: HK$1,380


Enquiry: 2915 9310