McWe Italian Winery Connoisseur Tour 2013




We will be visiting top Italian wine producers throughout the three best wine producing regions in Italy: Piemonte, Veneto and Tuscany, allowing us to go into their wineries & vineyards for real-life experience on how these fascinating wines are made. You will be able to taste these wines while direct interacting with winery owners and winemakers, in order to enhance further understanding on Italian wine style.


It is a very rare chance or could be once in a life time experience to participate.


Testimonials of the previous trip:


"It's been a great trip touring those Italian wineries, branded or not. Well planned, organized and followed through over the whole trip. Wonderful experiences chatting with the wineries' key persons and, of course, those wines for tasting were not simply a standard treat. Thanks to the comfortable transportation and definitely the food were extra-ordinary, no matter in terms of quantity and quality. Very enjoyable even for my wife who is not a wine fan and views of those places we visited are stunning. Friendly people made us feel extra comfort and there is no stress of demanding background knowledge made the whole trip entertaining for every vineyard lovers. Many thanks to our tutor, Paul, for his educating guidance, patience and detail-mindedness so we could be so care-free to enjoy everything came along. Really wonderful and memorable experience in our lifetime." - Cindy & Calvin


"I was never a person who enjoys going on tours but going around wineries by myself is pretty difficult and thus when I came across this Italian wine tour, I gave them (and myself) a try. At the beginning I was sceptical about the organization and whether it would be something that I wanted, however, after 8 splendidly enjoyable and satisfying days of professional guidance by Paul, I think he has done a superb job! Bravo!

Notwithstanding the lovely weather and all the great things about Italy, the tour itself was thoughtfully organized. Accommodation arrangements were fantastic with variety, from modern stylish hotels to historic primitive villages. Food was an unexpected highlight of this trip as I, like everybody else, would think wine would be the only star. Michelin dishes, grandma's home cooking and lavish dining all contributed to this memorable experience. As with the focus of this trip, wineries, they were absolutely remarkable! From small family run wineries with limited production but reaches out to the world in fame and distribution in 5-star hotels and Michelin restaurants to mega production facilitated wineries with exceptional standing in today's market, all were unforgettable experiences. I can even remember some of the greatest aromas and palates of those outstanding wines which I tasted while writing this testimonial!" - Bibianna


"It's been great visiting Italy in April for the wine tour arranged by wine tutor Mr Paul Yeung . Weather is good and scenery is beautiful especially in Tuscany . We visited a lot of winiers everyday and they are well arranged and quality ones. Vineyard owners are all friendly and explain a lot to us about their wine . It was such a fruitful tour for me as i always want to learn more about italian wine which are so complicate to understand . Throughout this visit i can understand many of the different grapes and region in itlay which is so useful to me in the future when i am tasting italian wine . Everything was well prepare and arranged, comfortable car, nice accomdation and most important all nice people throughout the trip. I would like to go there again next time arrange by Paul which have been so helpful to us for the whole trip. Thanks again for everything" - Fanny and Donald


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